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New UTR issued to tax payer by HMRC to" increase the protection for your self assessment account"

New UTR issued to tax payer by HMRC to"...

 Dear..., HMRC are making some changes to increase the protection provided for your Self Assessment Account. Like many large financial organisations, HMRC monitors customer records for signs of unusual activity as par of on-going work to maintain integrity of our customer's accounts with us.

Having recently identifies some unusual activity on your account we are taking actionto ensure that your account remains accurate and protected.

HMRC will check and where necessary, amend all personal details held on your record to ensure they are accurate,

Create a new self-assessment record for you including giving yo a new Unique Tax Referenc. I will let you know your new UTR in a separate letter to be issued shortly.....

Stop using your old UTR

Take steps to ensure that any inacurrate transactions appearing on your Self assessment record are removed..."

Client did receive a new UTR reference and a statement of account showing her tax position.

Client is HNWI and at present there is a large credit not yet allocated to tax year. (client is 3 years behind with tax returns). This is client we have just signed up. Previous advisers appears to have disappear ...

Has anyone come across this before?

We have sent 64-08 with new reference to Longbenton, but not sure when this client will appear on our list at they always seem to take ages to process forms even if there has been some improvements in recent years.

Looking forward to receiving comments from all you good people..



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By neileg
01st Dec 2011 10:27


Are you sure that the email address isn't in Nigeria....

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By vince8
01st Dec 2011 10:39


Are they yours or theirs?

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01st Dec 2011 10:44

Try agent authorisation online

If you enter the new UTR in Authorise Client in HMRC Online Services for Agents, submit it and check the list of pending authorisations, it will report the name of the person to whom the UTR is allocated or reject the UTR on the grounds that it is invalid.

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01st Dec 2011 11:55

Doesn't sound like HMRC

Is it a letter or an email?

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to lionofludesch
01st Dec 2011 14:15

It is a letter. I have called the agents dedicated phone number. They say it is not impossible that a new UTR has been issued. But we have to wait until 64-8 has been processed before they can discuss it further with us.

Will report back once I hear more.

Thanks for comments

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By Big Ade
01st Dec 2011 17:24


If your client is a HNWI, I suggest you phone the HNWU office responsible for clarification and confirmation. That office should be contacted for all matters, not the ADL.

Apologies for duplicating personal message I sent you - something was preventing me from commenting earlier.

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