New VAT authorisation using "Digital Handshake"

Having trouble getting clients authorised using the new "Digital Handshake" for VAT

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HMRC in their wisdom have cancelled the old way of authorising a client for VAT and today my VAT "department" has been doing some housekeeping and discovered that quite a few clients (mainly older ones) are not featuring on our Agent Services Account, therefore it appears we are not authorised for them.

We now have to do the authorisation through the ASA using a digital handshake method, where we send the client a link and they need to log into their Government Gateway Business Tax Account and authorise us. And this is where the problems begin... a lot of our clients are not in the slightest bit computer savvy. They could perhaps click a link on an email but they have no idea about a Government Gateway Business Tax Account. I had a client in who doesn't have a BTA so we tried to set one up whilst he was here to do the authorisation link but it has to be an account that he using for VAT. He doesn't use an account for VAT as we do it all for him. So we tried to sign him up for VAT online though the new BTA but it came back saying he has a different log in for VAT and should use that, but they don't have any other log ins! 

Any ideas how else we can now authorise clients for VAT before waste a few hours of my life trying to call the VAT Helpline??

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