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New VAT registration online - Is it really this bad!

New VAT registration online - Is it really this...

So a member of staff used the new online VAT registration process this morning.  The activities box has to be completed and in this case was for a sheep farmer.  There is no drop down facility, so you have to guess what to enter.  Tried "farming activities" - no good - tried "sheep" - no good - then luckily tried "farm".  That then showed a heading with a variety of activities including "sheep".  Is the search function really that bad that it did not pick out "farm" in "farming" for the heading or "sheep" as a sub-heading?  I can see this being a nightmare in the future trying to quess exactly the word the programmers have used to make up the list.



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23rd Nov 2012 11:47

You ought to try.......

......General Builder - I just did, and I had to scroll through 177 options. I gave up in the end, and just clicked on anything.

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23rd Nov 2012 16:16

change of name

they also want to know when you changed your name if you ever have.  Luckily, when I did this recently for a client, she also happened to be a very good friend whose wedding I attended, but having to ask clients for date of marriage is going to be a bore.

And can we no longer print the form off to allow our client to check it before pressing the submit button?

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