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New VAT Registrations and MTD

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Does anyone know if new VAT registrations have to sign up for MTD after VAT registration or is it now done automatically?

Thanks for any help in advance


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By SXGuy
06th Nov 2019 10:38

Good Question. I myself have had to register clients for MTD separately after registration.

However, you would think, given the answers to the registration questions regarding turnover in the proceeding 12 months, they would automatically sign them up. But im not so sure that is the case.

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By Matrix
06th Nov 2019 13:11

No, you would think there would be a box to sign up for MTD on the VAT registration form.

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By RedFive
06th Nov 2019 13:28
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By johnhemming
06th Nov 2019 14:08

At some point I am expecting that all new registrations will be on the new MTD database and not on the old system. Then taxpayers who are not mandatory and do not wish to participate in MTD will have to opt out.

The plan was for the opt out software to be available by now, but I don't know what has actually happened on this as I have not had one of these yet.

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