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New year aweb honours

New year aweb honours

Happy new year.

I think the aweb award should be held jointly by all contributors to aweb  who generously gave their time and expertise in providing responses to aweb

I do this from memory so please do not get offended if I do not mention your name:Paul Soper,Ken Howard,Nichola Ross Martin,Constantly confused,Blok,isthisi,David winch,Sarah Douglas,shirleyM,OGA,Euan,Paul Scholes........etc   your all winners.Give yourself a pat on the back.


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01st Jan 2012 08:38

Thank you for the mention :)

What a great idea :)

How about each of us adding a few more   .....

Flash, BKD, Marion Hayes, Cathy Grimmer, uktaxpal,  Peter Saxton, Mouse007, Rebecca

... whose next for a pat on the back?

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01st Jan 2012 11:35

Thanks Shirley

to continue - Nigel Burge, John McLane, Black Knight, Steve McQueen...

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01st Jan 2012 12:17

And the aweb team too


Don't forget the aweb team who keep the site running and mediate/moderate where necessary.


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01st Jan 2012 18:54

We've missed loads of regulars ....

There's taxhound, Ishouldreallyknow, the two Steve's, Andy, Stepurhan, johnjenkins, Monsoon, Moonbeam, weaversmiths, chatman, pawncob, Ding dong,  .... oh ... and lots lots more!

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02nd Jan 2012 10:00

Questioners are good too

Thanks for the mention Shirley

Whilst I can't think of any specific names off the top of my head, those who just ask questions are important to the site as well. When I see a particularly intriguing question it inspires me to research the subject and I end up better informed as a result.

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02nd Jan 2012 13:58

Definitely Euan McLennan for his answers and Steve Collings for his articles which have helped me over this past year.

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By aadil
03rd Jan 2012 00:58

First tab

I would not forget First Tab whose varied posts have been very helpful to me.

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03rd Jan 2012 09:20

Can I add my thanks

I do agree with UKtaxpal.  Having started working for myself this year, I do find Aweb a really useful resource.  So I would also like to add a heartfelt thanks to those who regularly take the time to post articles and answer questions.  A happy and prosperous 2012 to you all.

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03rd Jan 2012 09:41


I am flattered by the fact I have stuck in your memory as a useful contributor, though I feel the vast majority of my posts have been non-technical :)

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03rd Jan 2012 23:28

uktaxpal - happy new year to you also

I tend to remember the people who ask the questions more than the people who answer.

I have to say the one person that sticks out for me this year is First Tab.

Some of his questions were highly amusing although some people did suggest that he was making some of them up and they were a work of fiction. I say, no matter, he still went to the trouble of writing it all down.

He did seem to wind one or two people up, but you have to admire his persistence in the face of adversity.


As regards some of the answers, there have been quite a few helpful comments from a large number of people. The answers they have given have been based on personal experience, rather than cutting and pasting from a text book or should I say web page.

Well done to those for taking the time to answer.


Also there are people who give general replies to queries. I probably fall into this category myself.  Maybe none of these people deserve an award this year, but maybe next year.

There are further categories of people eg people who give unhelpful replies and your self-promotional type.

There is another category of questioner/answerer, but their postings get deleted fairly quickly. These people are commonly known as your internet trolling type, and they are to be found on all types of message boards, so it is no surprise that they sometimes surface on accountingweb.

Whichever category you fall into, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year.

Not forgetting the staff & moderation parties who work behind the scenes, a Happy New Year to you also.



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04th Jan 2012 08:42


Is isthisi an anagram of me? If so, thanks for the mention... good to know I have been helpful :)  I try my best to help others, but most of my knowledge lies with corporation tax, which is only a small subset of the questions asked on AW...

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to larkim
04th Jan 2012 11:53



Many Thanks for the kind comments. I'd like to thank everyone who takes part in this site because it is all the questions and answers that make this site work.   I use it a lot to read up on answers that don,t come from a book . 

2011 was a really tough year for everyone with so many natural disasters and unrest in the world last year, so may lives lost it was impossible to take in , Japan , Turkey, Christchurch, USA tornadoes , Famine.  There were so many business effected by the riots and people who lost their businesses and homes it was heartbreaking.  It makes you appreciate your family , friends and your home.

I know none of us can change any of above , but it is good to know that we all help each other to make our businesses better as it is a tough market.  I hope 2012 will be a better year for everyone and I look forward to a very productive year on the AWeb and would like to thank John and the AWeb team and everyone.


Kindest Regards Sarah Douglas . Douglas Accountancy and Bookkeeping Services Glasgow. 

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