New Year Wishes

New Year Wishes

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Dear Mr Editor

I'm sure I'm not the only one who reads most of the questions posted to the forum regularly, but only contributes occasionally.

If I contribute, then you very kindly email me copies of all the later posts on the same thread so that I can keep up to date.

However, sometimes I don't wish to post an answer, but DO wish to follow the thread because it's of interest to me, often because I'd really like to know the answer to that one as well.

Could we have a "I'm interested in this thread" button please that would include us in the email loop without us having to post an answer?

The only alternative at the moment would be to publish my ignorance by a "I don't know the answer either but copy me in" posting.

Please add it to the wish list, and thanks for another interesting and informative year of questions, and probably more importantly, informed answers.
Ian Clark

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By AnonymousUser
05th Jan 2005 13:38

better searching and faster loading!
Two complaints about the AccountingWeb pages:
1. The delayed loading - to allow us to carefully read all the adverts.
2. The search facility needs improvement. I was searching for International Accounting Standards yesterday and it took me several attempts to find anything useful.

Rebecca Cave

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By frcfiona
04th Jan 2005 18:26

and me!
great idea

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By paulhammett
04th Jan 2005 19:30

Great Idea,
Brilliant idea. Wish I'd thought of it. Over to you accountingweb.

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By AnonymousUser
05th Jan 2005 06:47

Simple, try this right now
You click on to Post Comment. Type your name, your Email and ...One-Line Summary.

In the Comment area, type ".". ie DOT only.

Then ensure it is "Y" (email me with other comments made to this story) and SUBMIT.

Next, I am not sure, but to be assured, you go and Remove your DOT posting of today the next day. You might be getting a continuous email of other comments made to this story.

Try it.

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By The Iceni Warrior
04th Jan 2005 17:56

Me too!
Good idea.

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Richard Murphy
By Richard Murphy
04th Jan 2005 13:47

What an excellent idea!
(Which is my way of getting exactly what Ian is suggesting)

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