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New Year's resolutions?

What have you got planned for 2019?

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Ah New Year’s resolutions. Everyone's favourite return-to-work water cooler discussion topic.

While the potentially futile nature of resolutions may put some off, the annual ritual of goalsetting does provide accountants with the opportunity to sit down and plan out the year ahead.

So what resolutions are you making for your practice, career or personal life in 2019?

I've pledged to leave my smartphone by the front door every evening on my return from work to stop me checking it every five minutes. It's held so far (two days), but who knows how long I can keep it up.

Happy new year to everyone from the AccountingWEB team,


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By Paul Scholes
03rd Jan 2019 16:48

Only work resolutions this year involve cancelling all apps, subscriptions, direct debits and waving goodbye to clients as they pass on to practices new in 3 months time.

Loads of personal plans, too many to list!


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Replying to Paul Scholes:
By Paul Barclay
08th Jan 2019 11:43

Exciting times ahead. How long will it take to slow down and realise that you have no deadlines to meet (except personal ones of course, and that is something completely different).

Enjoy, I am getting excited as I only have 16 years left!

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Replying to Paul Barclay:
By Paul Scholes
08th Jan 2019 13:24

I've been semi-retired now for a few years so have already slowed down to the point at which I tut every time a client contacts me.

It will however be such a relief not to have to sit at this screen or on my phone, unless there's a personal reason to do so AND to be able to let go of all that accounting & tax baggage that's cluttering up my brain.

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Hallerud at Easter
03rd Jan 2019 16:55

I suspect one of mine ought to be to post less frequently on Accounting Web but that seems blown already and it is only the 3rd of January.

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Replying to DJKL:
By Tax Dragon
03rd Jan 2019 19:49

It's a sad state of affairs when Aweb merits NYRs! But I suppose having announced to whoever noticed that I wouldn't be contributing to threads by Anonymous (or equivalent) and then having accidentally done so today, I should make one: I'll check in future!

I'll also only post (technical) statements that I believe I can prove from statute or other law. If that means I hardly say anything henceforth, I guess we're all winners!

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By Alex_T
09th Jan 2019 17:24

Not a drop of gin has passed my lips since New Years Eve however, my plan to run daily was a non starter. Maybe next week?

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