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Bet sift are rubbing their hands with glee with all this extra traffic.

Thought I would post anonymously because Im feeling like a rebel today.   

If you are in your garden making a noise - quiten down a bit, some of us have to work from home these days, not that we are getting paid for all the Qs that the government are once again causing!

Im an Accountant.  But just throwing in the towel.  39 years of paying taxes and no help.   I would say I will jet off unto the sunset but I cannot get a flight for some reason.

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By SXGuy
26th Mar 2020 18:46

I'm glad your in a position to jack it in. Sadly I'm not and although I can probably comfortably get through the next 3 months, I'm uncertain as to what will happen after.

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By Whatisname
26th Mar 2020 19:35

I’m really pleased to be retired now, good luck to all of you still in practice in these most difficult times.

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