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Newly Qualified Seeking Advice

Newly Qualified Seeking Advice

Hi all!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

So the good news is three years of hard work has paid off and I am now newly qualified! However I am looking to make my first career step into industry from practice (not a 'Big 4' practice). I would like to move into a financial controller role using my skills and experience (this is not set in stone - I'm a problem solver so if you can think of a better role I'm open to suggestions!). So before I lay out my plans to move forward into a brave new world I hoped you experienced folk could offer any advice?

I would very much appreciate any advice or experiences on: approach / CVs / job hunting or anything you think I should be considering. I'm sorry if its a little vague but this is initial planning and what better way to start than to seek advice from those who have come before me :)

Currently reading through plenty of websites on a variety of topics so if you want to provide any links for me to study that would be brilliant too!

Thanks in advance,



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05th Mar 2012 09:09

Hi Coeus,

Have you worked in Finance at all whilst studying?  Is this AAT, ACCA or CIMA you have just finished?

I must say in all honesty and without being negative but I do think that if it is the AAT you have just finished you may find it hard to go straight into a Financial Controller position without any experience (should this be the case). 

I worked full time starting out as an Accounts Assistant whilst studying, then moved to Management Accountant then to Finance Manager.  This did take me 4 years to complete everything but it was definitely worth it as I have gained so much valuable experience. Now I run my own "celebrity" accounting firm.  I am also AAT qualified studying ACCA.

The advice I can give to you really is to keep looking for your Financial Controller role or perhaps Management Accountant role (I think this would be better) but be prepared to lose out at interview stage if you're up against people with experience. So, be prepared to take a lower end role to gain that experience that will enable you to move up the ladder.

I really don't want this to be negative but I believe in telling people the truth.  After all, I would not be where I am today had it not been for some HARD truth and criticism.

I hope everything works out for you though!

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05th Mar 2012 11:24

I moved from E&Y to an FC

I moved from E&Y to an FC role but it was for a client. It turned out to be the best job I've ever had.  I'd mention to clients that this is what you are looking to do just in case there are any opportunities.  I also had a small company background in accounts prep and audit so it was a straightforward transition into a small company FC role.  It was very interesting working on the 'other side' and fab commercial experience.



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