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I am thinking of sending a newsletter out to current clients and prospects.  I notice that there are a few providers of these such as Mercia and Taxbriefs.  Do you use a newsletter in your business, and if so, who would you recommend for this service, and do you think it a worthwhile investment?

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By SJBeale
10th Apr 2014 17:53


I regularly send out newsletters to my clients, existing and new contacts.  I do this at least every quarter if not once a months as employment law is changing all the time.  

It keeps you at the forefront of your contact's minds and often serves as a jogger that you are available to provide support and assistance.  They may have a burning issue that they need help with and your newsletter arriving in their inbox might prompt them to contact you.  

You should include newsworthy items rather than use it as a sales tool although from time to time you could include a promotion.

This works well for me. 


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By Flash Gordon
10th Apr 2014 18:28

Accountant Websmiths

I use Accountant Websmiths (just because I have one of their websites at present and so it comes included). Newsletters are a good idea but a lot of people don't bother opening them let alone reading them. And if you want to make it relevant to specific groups then you might need to write some content yourself. When I finally get round to doing my own website I'm not convinced I'll still bother

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By petersaxton
10th Apr 2014 21:15

Write your own

Clients can tell if you have bought them in and wont value them.

If you write your own they will appreciate them more. There's plenty of information around that you can use as the basis for a newsletter. Just make sure it displays your own personality and then clients will feel good about you.

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
16th Apr 2014 14:25

I have just started writing my own...

I believe, as Peter does that clients can tell a purchased one a mile off - they only have to go online and see the same text under different firms names.

I have started my own and use it as a 'link' to all clients. I try to make it personal even including my own 'blog' and I have had some very favourable comments in response. I was careful what I said in case clients forward the letter to others who were not clients. And in fact that is what has happened and I have gained a couple of clients

As for content, for example in my first newsletter I had a 'moan' about clients who leave it to the last minute  (no names of course!). I wrote a checklist of what I would like clients to do so that I dont get as stressed out as I did this year!

I am intending to place a reduced letter on my website (less the personal 'moan' of course!)

Writing your own takes time of course.


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By orchardacc
17th Apr 2014 23:20

It works

but please make sure it's your own material. We write our own newsletter every quarter and we get a lot of positive feedback from it because the clients can tell we wrote it ourself. 

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