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We're considering outsourcing the management of our blog, monthly newsletters and our online presence. Any recommendations / experiences are gratefully received!   Thanks  

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By Open all hours
12th Oct 2021 12:45

Recommendation. Don’t. Or at least not unless it has become completely impossible for you to continue with it. Nobody else has your voice, your thoughts, your humour. Your clients want to interact with you not a substitute, no matter how talented the sub may be. We are complimented every week on our content. A generic third party contribution would be bland and ignored.

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Replying to Open all hours:
By Hugo Fair
12th Oct 2021 12:57

Unless you're a very large practice (in which case clients only expect fairly anodyne general tax news), your newsletter represents you and your practice ... and is mostly addressing clients to whom you can put a face. Keep it that way.

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By accountantccole
13th Oct 2021 10:01

I used these guys when I ran my own practice, website updates (the techie stuff) and newsletters generated automatically. I'd use their tools to do intermittent non technical team related news too, so it wasn't all bland tax info!
I used to highlight that the technical emails may not always be relevant but was the quickest way to communicate legislation changes etc to clients.

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13th Oct 2021 13:17

I am not sure whether you mean outsourcing the writing of newletters or just the management of issuing them/sending to clients.

If the former then the problem with using 'automated'/purchased newsletters is that if you load onto your website you will find that the same source comes up on Google for all other purchasers.

The problem with doing it yourself is... time.. it takes a long time to write an article and if you dont keep up the issue on a regular basis then it doesnt look good.

Saying that there are some good ones around the writers and publishers of which appreciate that not all clients want to see an article on property tax in the same newsletter as an article on company tax for example.

Suggest you have a look at the Tax Insider Newsletters - they do ones for practitioners as well as their clients.

Otherwise look for a writer that you like and make contact - they can only say 'no'!

But if you want to outsource the actual issuing of an article/newsletter or loading a blog onto your website then I suggest you go to a Virtual Assistant such as CC Professional

They do exactly what you are looking for.

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