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Next career steps for an ACCA member...

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Hi all,

I was just after some opinions or advice please. I am an ACCA member with around 11 years of experience within practice and industry roles, predominately working as a senior accountant. I am just thinking of what i could do next with my career, because i do have a rocky CV. My latest employment has lasted around a year n half. I am not keen on permanent roles, as i cant seem to stay with an employer for very long. There are various reasons behind this. Since i started as a ACCA trainee back in 2007, i have had 5 jobs over the past 12 years. I dont think i can obtain a PC either, as i dont have much contact with any previous employers to sign off records. It would feel weird asking them to do this, considering we dont hardly keep in touch. 

Is it possible to do interim work with accounting practices? I feel that i am strong with practice based work, e.g. bookkeeping, VAT, Management accounts, stats, tax returns.  I dont think working as a financial accountant in indutry suits me, as i am seen as an expensive overhead, and the businesses want to focus on sales as opposed to 'back office' staff.

Any other ideas of what i could do with this qualification and experience?

Appreciate your input!



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By accountantccole
17th Jul 2019 12:47

Interim FD/FC roles in industry, covering maternity pay etc. There must be a reasonable amount of these around

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By paul.benny
17th Jul 2019 13:23

Good finance staff are not an 'expensive overhead' as you put it. They're necessary for providing insight into financial performance, for compliance, for transaction processing. True, smaller companies have limited resources - for any function.

To your more general question, I suggest you should take a long hard look at why you "can't stay with an employer for long". Apologies if I am reading stuff that isn't there, but it seems to that there is something more than just itchy feet.

That's hard to do and it can be easier with expert support. I know that ICAEW - through CABA - offer free career counselling; ACCA may have something similar but if not, CABA may at least be able to point you in the right direction.

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Replying to paul.benny:
By JoF
17th Jul 2019 13:41


''Good finance staff are not an 'expensive overhead' as you put it''.

I agree with that. There are lots of businesses who appreciate the true value of 'back office' staff and who couldnt function without such.

Just because you havent been in touch with previous employers for a while doesnt mean you cannot approach them now, so pick up that phone and see if they will be prepared to assist. Unless of course you left under a cloud.

Which leads to the Q - why have you moved so often? Can you put a positive (truthful) spin on that for your CV purposes?

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Replying to paul.benny:
By JoF
17th Jul 2019 13:42

Sorry Paul - didnt mean to do that as a response to you!!

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By raj1234
17th Jul 2019 14:40

I would stick with interim roles. They offer greater flexibility and you gain more experience from different industries.

and yes, i understand your point on 'expensive overhead'. Feeling undervalued? Not appreciated enough? Welcome to the world of finance!! If you are not directly linked to Sales, you are not going very far, especially in an SME business. Maybe its different in a larger business...It really does depend on the type of business you work for.

I set up my own business, non accounting related, because i got sick and tired of the nature of finance i.e. long hours, not appreciated enough, client complaints, and office politics. Maybe try a career change?

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