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NHS Pension and annual allowance

How to calculate AA for doctor in NHS pension scheme


My client has both employment and self-employment incomes.

The taxable income amounts to circa £160,000 for 2017/18. He has also received a statement from NHS pension showing Pension Input amount for 2017/18 of £56,000.

I am trying to calculate the restriction to the Annual Allowance. Can anyone confirm if the Pension Input amount is treated as an employer contribution (i.e. therefore affecting 'Adjusted income' for these purposes, or whether it is ignored, or treated differently.

Many thanks.



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By Matrix
22nd Mar 2019 19:23

Yes, see 5).

Why wouldn’t it be? Although I know nothing about NHS pensions which would make them different so please expand if there is something to know.

£56k. Wow.

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