NHS Pension Annual Allowance Excess 2011/2012

NHS Pension Annual Allowance Excess 2011/2012

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Has anyone had any experience of interest being charged on late payment of 2011/12 tax due to the above? and, if so, whether you have been able to successfully appeal against it given that the information to calculate the tax on the excess was not available until well after the original payment date?



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By Rebecca Benneyworth
16th Jan 2014 15:27

Don't think it will work

Interest is not subject to a "reasonable excuse" test, and there is no statutory mechanism to cancel an interest charge, so your client is stuck with it I'm afraid. However, you do have reasonable excuse for any late payment penalty (or surcharges) but they have probably withheld this anyway. The argument on interest is that you client has had "use of the money", which with interest rates as they are doesn't help much but that's the position!

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