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NHS Staff SA Returns

NHS Staff SA Returns

My wife is a high ranking nurse in local hospital and now that I am going it alone a few of the doctors have asked
If I will do their SA returns for them.

Is there anything particularly specialist about this I would imagine they are just high rate tax payers, plus maybe some private income, and few expenses
Like professional memberships training etc.

Obviously it could lead to other work so keen to get involved and would appreciate any advice on what to look out for or
An areas unique to them.


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23rd Feb 2013 18:09

Start your research here 

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By Flash Gordon
24th Feb 2013 08:52

Multiple employments

Doctors may have multiple employers during the year and they don't always get cumulative PAYE codes operated - make sure you get payslips as well as P60s/P45s so you can check you have all the income accounted for. And I'm speaking from personal experience!

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24th Feb 2013 13:18

Thanks Flash & Marion
For that advice that website was useful and I will bare the multiple employer in mind flash.
Flash if you have done a few of these before do you find they lead to other doctors signing up also
Or I'd likely to be just a one off.

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25th Feb 2013 15:27

Watch SMP calculations

The NHS have their own SMP scheme. Many practices' bookkeeping is poorly done and the payroll is often done by someone without the foggiest idea of even basic payroll matters.

The NHS helplines on payroll matters are staffed by nitwits who know nothing, so I would have a quick check on P60's and SMP calculations in particular to ensure you agree these. SMP calculations could well be wrong.

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25th Feb 2013 17:40


Don't forget to check the Pension annual maximum and lifetime maximum as with all lucky Public Sector employees at the higher end.  (No envy here, honest!) 

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