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NI Contributions - enquiry letter with CA4098A to fill in

NI Contributions - enquiry letter with CA4098A...

Well the NI Contribs office have written to my one-man company saying there is a discrepancy on my end of year P14 for 2010/11.  They want details of all my salary payments that year, and suggest I might like to enter them onto the CA4098A form that they enclosed.  I've not had experience of such an enquiry before.  I'm thinking I'll send them a copy of my P11 deductions card.  I get my salary quarterly, it is quite likely that I didn't get NI contribs exactly right, but I doubt I've made a huge error.

So is this enquiry likely to develop into something more serious? 

Anyone got any experience with enquiries like this?


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27th Jun 2013 11:10

Wouldn't worry unduly. 

Wouldn't worry unduly.  Sounds like a self-contained issue.  Just give then what they need to check your calculations.

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