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NI - different benefits from Classes 1, 2, 3 & 4

Are there different benefits that arise from the different classes of NI

Just wondering if the benefits that arise from paying the different classes of NI differ much?

For example Class 3 is about 5 times more expensive than Class 2 so do the benefits differ at all?

As Class 2 qualifies the self employed for the state pension does the extra Class 4 they pay bring any extra benefits or is just taxation by the back door?


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10th Nov 2017 11:13


Class 4 gets you bu99er all. Never has done. It's tax which - crucially - doesn't count as tax.

In the past, Class 1 got you a bigger pension but that's on it's way out now. There are still benefits the Class 1 contributor can get, unavailable to others.

I've never understood why Class 2 was dropped to such a low level. At one time it was a couple of bob a week more than Class 3. But - hey - not much point worrying about that now. It's on its way out from 2019.

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10th Nov 2017 12:48

Many thanks to both .. fantastic!

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