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NIC 2 for State Pension

People living overseas

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I live overseas and my clients want to pay Class 2 contributions to increase their pension qualifying years.

Under the new legislation does anybody know what will happen with the abolition of Class 2 in the future?

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By David Heaton
28th Nov 2016 10:50

This was one of the questions raised in responses to the consultation. It hasn't been answered publicly. Given that all recent changes have been tax raisers, my money is on forcing them to pay Class 3 instead of Class 2. The Class 4 reform condoc mooted a change in the number of Class 3 contributions needed to make a qualifying year, so that those currently paying £2.80 per week don't suddently have to pay £14.10 per week, but there was nothing said last week to suggest that this has been accepted.

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