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NIC double counted by HMRC MoneySoft Payroll

NIC double counted by HMRC MoneySoft Payroll

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A new client started to run his own payroll using Moneysoft Payroll from week 47 2018/19 onwards. He has subbies but is the only employee and his former advisor had run the payroll (using Moneysoft) weekly up to this point with all RTI submissions being made. He ran the payroll himself for month 12 but had set this up to run monthly after entering year to date figures month by month into the system (to match the relevant batch of weekly paid amounts). A single RTI was submitted for month 12. The P60 from the system shows the correct annual pay and NIC.

From my agent account I can see that HMRC have doubled up on the weekly NIC and included the total NI for the year based on the annual salary plus the NI based on the weekly submissions in the amounts showing as due for month 12. Not sure how this happens as month 12 RTI submission in isolation looks correct.

I contacted Moneysoft who indicated that only HMRC could help. I called the Employer Helpline (extended wait) and they put me through to a supervisor (after a further significant wait) who told me to call the Online Service Helpdesk. After a further extended wait and explaining the position the response was (actual words) 'what do you expect me to do about it............I don't know how to get it fixed...............I have neaver heard of this....' (I have call references).

My thoughts are that I will need to write to HMRC and shouldn't expect this to be resolved any time soon.

Anyone else had this. Can this be corrected through revised submission without digging a bigger hole? 




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By jcace
16th Apr 2019 13:20

This will have arisen as a result of HMRC's systems assuming that the new monthly payroll is anew employment with the same employer (that's how they have explained to me in the past). Typically this happens where there is a change in the employee's payroll reference number. You will need to contact HMRC and raise a disputed charge. It will be easy enough to explain, but don't expect it to be sorted any time soon. You should also ensure that you pay the amounts you know to be correct, rather than the larger amounts that will be displayed online.

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By legerman
16th Apr 2019 13:55

Your client has made the mistake of replicating the data in a new file. He should have entered the details to date at the end of month 11 and then just entered the month 12 figures himself.

That said Moneysoft doesn't handle a change from weekly to monthly without the employing "leaving" and then "rejoining"

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By Wanderer
16th Apr 2019 14:17

This will likely never get sorted out.
HMRC will periodically chase the amount (not) due. Each time they do just tell them it is the "employee double counting issue" and ask them to refer it to the "disputed charges team".
After a couple of tries it will fall deeper and deeper into their black hole, hopefully never to be seen again.

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By micki
16th Apr 2019 15:30

I had a similar but much bigger problem when I took over payroll mid year. Moneysoft showed completly different figures to the HMRC website. I printed off from Moneysoft what the correct figures should be and sent it off to HMRC. They adjusted figures within a couple of weeks.

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By Matrix
16th Apr 2019 18:02

Client could resubmit weekly to sort it out but I don’t know you’d do it in Moneysoft and there may be weekly late filing penalties. He should have either changed at the end of the tax year or engaged you to do it.

By the time you have finished helping him won’t your fees escalate to nearly as much as any penalties?

If the tax is correct then it is nothing to do with the payroll id, this sounds like a NI issue. Maybe call the NI helpline before you advise him further.

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By lionofludesch
17th Apr 2019 08:55

I've had a couple of these over the years. They can take years to fix. The disputed charges team is your best bet. Just set everything out clearly in a letter.

It's just an example of the lunacy of changing software in the middle of a tax year. It seems almost impossible to do without creating errors in the RTI records.

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