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No Contact From Client - When to Disengage?

No Contact From Client - When to Disengage?

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How long would you wait until you disengaged a client from whom you'd heard nothing? We've done a sweep of the client list and have one or two where we know they've not retired or gone PAYE but, despite the usual SATR/accounts reminders, mum's the word.

Also, does anyone have a clause in their engagement letters covering such a situation (e.g. if we hear nothing from you for x years then we'll assume you don't love us any more ...) ?

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By Moonbeam
03rd Feb 2016 17:49

ATT standard terms and conditions

Anyone can download these from the ATT website. They have a clause where if we have not heard from a client for (stipulate period) we can send docs back to last known address etc.

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
08th Feb 2016 12:50

Disengagement letter...

To cover your self professional insurance-wise I would send a disengagement letter - see here for idea:

>>> these posts are about 'painful' clients but I would send a more pleasanter (is that a word?) one to their last address along the lines of you are disappointed that you havent heard from them and therefore you will tell HMRC you are no longer their client but will be willing to take them back if necessary etc.

Can you see from HMRC's list whether they've submitted themselves? If so be more forceful mention that and say you're obviously not wanted and you wish they'd told you etc etc

Have you been paid?




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