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No EPS Warning in Payroll Manager

Payroll Manager Batch Processor not tell me when EPSs are due

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Moneysoft Payroll Manager batch processor told me yesterday (not before) that I had one EPS to file that day (5th May). Today it told me I had six more to file yesterday and I have since discovered another one that needed to be filed yesterday that the batch processor has still not told me about. Has anyone else experienced this?

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By bernard michael
06th May 2018 11:19

No. Yesterday I had 2 and filed them. This morning I have none

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By thomas34
06th May 2018 11:31

No problem with what seems to be a good feature of Moneysoft. Forewarning is given during April that EPSs will be due on 5 May.

It's always niggled me that I've never known whether these could have been submitted early (I think they can) and when the deadline is.

I believe it's probably 19 May but don't know. I'm not sure where batch processing comes into the equation.

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Replying to thomas34:
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By Kevin Kavanagh
08th May 2018 12:07

They can be filed early.

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