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Noddy Quickbooks question

How to see double entry for a given transaction

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Sorry this is basic, but I don't use Quickbooks on a daily basis (thank heavens). If I identify a particular transaction from, say, the banking screens, how easy is it to see where the debit and credit is booked? If it is readily available its not obvious to me sadly!

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By jndavs
21st Mar 2022 22:03

Banking screens are where you allocate transactions imported on the bank feed.
They are unlikely to be of any help.

Normally just clicking on a figure in a report will give you the information you are after.

Try Reports=>Reports=>Trial balance
and click on any figure to drill down
- you may need to alter the date range on the resulting screen
There will typically be a 'Split' column showing where the other side of the entry is.

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By mariannajane
21st Mar 2022 22:12

If you can go into an individual transaction, in the bottom centre of the window is the "More" button. When you click on it, it gives you an option to see the Transaction Journal, which shows you the debit and credit.

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Replying to mariannajane:
By bettybobbymeggie
22nd Mar 2022 08:44

Genius, thanks!

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paddle steamer
22nd Mar 2022 09:36

Noddy Quickbooks sounds like a cartoon character in an accounting adventure.

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