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Nominee Holding Company

Nominee Holding Company

A client is acquiring an interest in a company(non listed), but does not want his name to appear on the Register of Members/Shareholders or the Annual Return filed at Companies House.

I know you can get stockbroker nominee companies to hold shares on behalf of clients, but they will only do so for Listed Companies.

Any ideas what the solution might be? Can ANY company hold shares on behalf of an individual or Ltd company as Nominees?


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By Hansa
24th Apr 2012 19:01


There is nothing wrong in using nominees (whether individuals or companies) to hold shares as a nominee for someone else.

Banks may still offer this service as might stockbrokers for existing clients.  There is also nothing to stop an individual (friend etc) doing so.  In all cases a declaration of trust (a form document) is very strongly recommended.  

If you client has difficulty with any/all of the above a slightly more expensive way would be for him to form, say a Delaware LLC (nothing on the public record in the USA) and for this LLC to own the shares (Companies House would record the name of the company and it's Registered Agent address in Delaware without a problem).  As it would be his own company no declaration of trust would be needed.

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