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Non arrival of HMRC SA300

SA 300 shown as issued in November & December not arrived in post

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Clients are husband & wife. Husbands SA300 is sent to me as agent. Downloaded copy states issued in December, not arrived . Wifes SA 300 shown as addressed to clients home address, shown as issued in November. Not arriveded by post. As clients are well aware tax paid 31st of Jannuary they contacted me and tax has now been paid.

Any one else have mising SA 300s.

I normally go though clients on line with HMRC after 31st January to check who has paid. Should I now start checking before end of Janury?



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By SXGuy
22nd Jan 2022 08:00

Isn't an SA300 the tax statement. Are you sure your not getting your numbers confused?

Also, if you've filed their SA online in the past, you won't get a paper copy moving forward. So it's likely the date they said it was issued, is just nothibg more than when they notified client that a return is due.

I could be wrong of course.

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Replying to SXGuy:
By CJaneH
24th Jan 2022 15:09

Yes all tax returns filed on line, nearly all clients who owe tax have received an SA300 either sent to me or direct to them.
Most of my clients do not have a government gateway account so rely on the SA 300 to remind them.
When I go on line it shows the SA 300 in the form that is posted out and date of issue.

It appears to me you are unfamiliar with the SA 300 with the payslip attached

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By Matrix
22nd Jan 2022 08:12

Once I have submitted the tax return and advised the tax due and how to pay etc, then my job is done. I don’t check who has paid, look at statements etc.

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By Catherine Newman
22nd Jan 2022 11:53

Do they have PTAs and if so, they should log in and look at them. I got an email alerting me to look at mine.

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