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Non-co-operation with HMRC

According to them......

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In a letter from HMRC under the heading non co-operation the inspector wrote the following:

"HMRC have repeatedly requested that xxxxx meet with them following initial meeting, but these requests were declined"

True after 1st meeting (client not present) I declined each and every request as xxxx is not obliged to, and does not want to, attend any meeting with HMRC. Co-operated fully in writing so everything is recorded because the number of errors on HMRC's part were quite appalling and some of them need to go back to school to learn Maths and how to write properly. Will obviously appeal any non-co-operation penalties.

Anyone have suggestions on how to tell them to **off politely?


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11th Jan 2019 17:09

Jeez - they've got a cheek when the ordinary taxpayer has an all-on battle just to get them to answer the phone !!

Ask them to state clearly why they think that only a meeting will do.

That's your starting point. You need to know why they're whinging before you can counter their argument.

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11th Jan 2019 17:34

They want to discuss and agree penalties BEFORE setting them out in writing.

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to jaffe123
11th Jan 2019 17:48

Point out that "co-operation2 doesn't mean doing as you're told. It implies an element of give and take.

The Oxford Dictionary defines it as "working or acting together for a common purpose or benefit".

Ask them why they think it's unreasonable to set out their thoughts in writing.

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11th Jan 2019 18:21

A thought... go higher up the chain. Make contact with the Agents Account Manager.
Complete and submit this form:
>> take a copy and send to the local MP. Use the words 'harassment'.
Dont get annoyed with the HMRC dept employees who are doing this. Just say that you are taking this matter further. You need to show that you are doing everything correctly so make sure that you keep everything logged (as you are obviously doing).
What on earth did your client do to warrant such interest?!

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to Jennifer Adams
11th Jan 2019 21:26

Something major which i can't say too much about on here but they were caught out and now have to pay the price. Involved all the taxes.

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11th Jan 2019 18:43

Client is under no obligation to meet HMRC personally - that's why clients have agents.

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