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Non resident CGT - disposal in year of departure

Taxpayer selling UK property in the year of leaving the UK

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I have a client who sold a UK residential property during the year in which they left the UK. Under the SRT they are considered non UK resident for the whole of the tax year and therefore split year treatment does not apply. My issue here is that when they left the UK, they did not know whether they would be considered non UK resident because it would depend on the UK day count. On that basis, does my client have a requirement to file a Return under the NRCGT rules? If they do, then this will be late and will incur penalties. I am in the process of preparing the Tax Return which will show the gain, I am not sure if this will open up a can of worms! Any thoughts would be most helpful, thanks  


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14th Jun 2018 17:45

Check to see if s. 12ZG TMA applies

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to chicken farmer
15th Jun 2018 10:25

Answers the question, many thanks

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