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Non-resident CGT reporting and agent authority

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I have a non-UK resident client who has sold a UK property. They've set up a Goverment Gateway account (using the alternative process as detailed here), but I've hit a snag in obtaining agent authority. Having created the link to send to the client to authorise us, when the client logs in to complete the authorisation he is asked for his NINO (or UK postcode) to confirm his identity (neither of which he has).

This seems to be a fundamental flaw in the system. Has anyone else experienced this, and more importantly has anyone found a workaround (other than submitting the return using the client's log in)? 

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
11th Aug 2020 13:38

We have done a few just using my own personal log in and then ticking the "completing as a capacitor" box. They have gone through and we have a payment reference number. I gave up trying to do it properly as it was just too hard.

I am however dreading HMRC then asking me where all my capital gains tax entries are........

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12th Aug 2020 17:06

Hi Aidan, HMRC has just posted the following on the agent forum:
CGT-6273 - Capital Gains Tax property disposal service update - 12/08/19
Posted 8 minutes ago by HMRC Admin 13

We have been made aware of a technical issue that is preventing a small number of non UK residents from being able to authorise an agent to act on their behalf in respect of filing a Capital Gains Tax property disposal return on the new digital service.
We are investigating this urgently and hope to have a resolution deployed shortly.
We apologise for any inconvenience this issue is causing however if as a result of this issue you subsequently receive a late filing penalty due to not been able to submit your CGT property disposal return on line you can appeal this decision as per GOV.UK advice and any appeal received will be favourably considered.

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