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Non resident CGT Returns

How long does it take?

I submitted a non-resident CGT return to HMRC through their website at the end of August.  6 weeks later, neither myself nor the client have received any email acknowledgement, nor has he received the payment details that he needs to pay the tax due, which is now late.  How long does this usually take and what is the best way to chase this up with HMRC?


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By Matrix
12th Oct 2017 16:14

I submitted two of these in 2016 and there was an email confirmation within a few days. I think the first time it went to the client though and they forwarded it to me, so maybe double check with your client. The second one I was copied as agent. The sender was HMRC No reply and the subject started STRF: NRCGT.

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16th Oct 2017 14:51

Like Matrix, I received an email acknowledgement more or less straight away and then a further email confirming the (nil) tax position four weeks after this.

I would suggest emailing HMRC at [email protected] to see what has happened and maybe checking your own and with your client in case it has gone into junk mail in error.

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