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Non resident contractor needs help

My visa was declined but I could still keep my job if I work from abroad

Hi all,

Basically, after living in the UK for many yearsmy tier 2 visa was declined due to insufficient salary.

I can still keep my job whilst working from my computer abroad. Most probably I will be moving between countries. Essentially I have a limited company in the UK with a UK business bank account. The only way I could keep the job is if my salary is paid into a UK account. I am thinking of setting up an offshore company so that I can transfer the salary from the UK account to an offshore account. This would allow me access to the funds and also not be taxed. How would I go about it is my question since uk companies are subject to corporation tax and not dealing with payroll and all the HMRC hassles when you pay in a salary. Please note I am the only director of the company. Is there a way about it?


Many thanks if you could help... 


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