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Non Resident director Reimbursed for Stock

Reimburse Non resident director for Goods provided as stock


We need some advise,

We are in process forming a limited company with 4 directors (and equal shareholders).

Two of the directors are non resident (who are based in Dubai, UAE) and will be initially responsible sourcing and procuring products/goods direct from china. Other two will be responsible for selling the goods in UK online and offline.

My question is how can the company reimburse the non resident directors for purchase of this initial stock? As the invoice for this stock will be in the name Chinese company

Also what is best way to pay profits to these Non resident directors in terms of tax? Salary or Dividend 

Can salary paid to directors be tax deductible?

Thank you, 



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16th Apr 2018 13:39

There are a number of complicated issues to discuss and some planning decisions to be made here. You need professional advice, not an internet forum. Make an appointment with an accountant.

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to Tim Vane
16th Apr 2018 13:53

Appointment already made, just looking to build as much information as possible to make the best decisions.


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to Project53
16th Apr 2018 15:35

Best advice is to get “as much information as possible to make the best decisions” from the accountant you will be appointing. You might as well get value for money.

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