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Non-resident in Ozz, is he taxed on UK salary?

Non-UK resident in Ozz, has Ltd Co in UK, is he taxed in UK on small salary from this company?

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A client has worked in Australia for 4-5 years, he has a limited company in UK which pays him a small salary each year.

He also has rental income from a UK residential property.

Does he pay tax to HMRC, or is he taxed by Australian Inland Revenue?

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By Accountant A
06th Nov 2019 13:40

I'd start by reading the double tax agreement between the UK and Australia.

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By The Dullard
06th Nov 2019 13:43

Ooh, another I've got a client that I don't possess the basic competence to deal with question. YOU SHOULDN'T BE TAKING THEIR MONEY!

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By JCresswellTax
06th Nov 2019 13:51

Basic residence question this - try doing a bit of research and posting your findings, you might then get a better response.

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Replying to JCresswellTax:
By The Dullard
06th Nov 2019 13:55

It's a basic everything question.

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Hallerud at Easter
06th Nov 2019 14:22

You might also want to review the UK company's tax residence at the same time by checking how Australia decides residence.

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By Tim Vane
07th Nov 2019 09:28

Sounds like both the company and the individual should be taxed in Australia notwithstanding the U.K. property

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