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nonresident holding accounting software

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Hello, I am interested in creating a UK holding company to invest in stocks and mainly mainly and my amounts are not that high (approx 2000 USD in assets) but my country currently has very strong changing restrictions and I prefer not to invest  in a personal capacity.  I would like to know if there is any recommended accounting software to file the corporation tax and other required forms, since the amounts I have are not many and I will only pay money to the company issuing shares 1 or 2 times a year.

 Should I issue shares in dollars?

 can I have no salary as director?

 I understand that as a non-resident I do not have to pay corporate tax, but I still have to file it, is that correct?

 Do I do all this on my own through some software?  Any other recommendations that you should consider?

 I hope you have any advice.  thank you very much to all.


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By paul.benny
27th May 2020 07:56

non-resident wrote:
... Any other recommendations...

1 Don't do it
USD 2000 is small amount to invest in equities. Gains are very likely to be outweighed by transaction costs and compliance costs.

2 Don't do it
A UK limited company has to file accounts on public record. It also has to place on public record the ultimate owner. If you are concerned about such things, the authorities in your country will be able identify you

3 If you must
You need an accountant to prepare your company accounts and tax return. The UK has fairly strong anti money laundering legislation which means we have to verify the identity of clients. You may not find an accountant in the UK willing to work for you.

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