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Northern Business Expo 2020

I've received an email about this 2 day event in Manchester. Is anyone going, or waste of time?

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I've received an email about this exhibition in Manchester. Apparently 80 captivating thought leaders are going to commit their time to it advising on the hottest business topics!

My mind translates that to "80 people are going to pitch to an audience, giving small nuggets of information that most already know, in the hope that said audience will buy from them / subscribe to their workshops". 

For this reason, I always give these types of events a miss.  I'm naturally a cynical sole, so am I about right or is it worth attending?



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By James Green
20th Feb 2020 13:56

TBH I’ve reached stage in life where I’d rather be at home with the dog and Amazon Prime than attend this sort of thing... but then that’s why I never became a thought leader

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By sculptureofman
20th Feb 2020 14:13

In my experience these events are great if you're running low on snake oil.

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Replying to sculptureofman:
By atleastisoundknowledgable...
20th Feb 2020 16:58

sculptureofman wrote:

In my experience these events are great if you're running low on snake oil.

Now, now - my father-in-law is considering buying a stand there ...

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By Manchester_man
20th Feb 2020 20:25

Haha, ok so it appears a healthy bit of cynicism is not so bad after all. I shall refrain from breaking the habit of a lifetime.

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By accountantccole
21st Feb 2020 07:58

Depends how busy you are. I have been to a few business events with general speakers on various marketing, running your business subjects and they can be helpful to make you actually stop and look at how you run your business as well as being a good networking opportunity

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