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Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

I've just been having a look at the FTT decision in Ramsay and a while back I read an incredibly strange decision (Sere Properties).

Both cases have references to ICTA 1988 when the periods/timings concerned the references should be to ITTOIA/CTAs.

Does anybody know, is Northern Ireland really still applying ICTA? Or are the decisions being made by reference to obsolete law?


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04th Feb 2013 20:51


George know most of the people in both cases. We do not have seperate tax laws. Can only suggest who ever wrote up reports was not on the ball.

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05th Feb 2013 10:31


I'm happy now with Ramsay.  The transfer took place in 2004 and ICTA 1988 would still have applied.

Sere Properties appears to be a rogue decision if the accounting period was indeed 30 June 2012 as the case transcript states.  That would then be an erroneous decision, as bad debts were brough within the loan relationships net in FA 2009.  More likely than not though it's actually dealing with an earlier period and the date has been incorrectly stated, particulalrly since the hearing appears to have taken place before the accounting period end!

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