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Not a blind rant about my circumstances, but seeking advice none the less

Not a blind rant about my circumstances, but...

Evening all,

Yes, I know I flounced off into the sunset a few weeks ago, but you guys are the closest I have to accountancy friends, so I am looking for your advice again.

To those of you who have followed this saga, I still think I need a job for the financial security at this stage rather than a business, which I am not yet ready for (although, never say never)

Following your advice from my last post I have applied to 64 positions stating "I passed the exams in XXXX but am not currently in memership of the ICAEW"

I have three very differnt job offers that I am considering (I have actually been offered 5 jobs, but 2 I discounted right away), which do you think would get my career off the ground again?

1) Audit Manager for respectable independent regional firm

2) FC for a £5mill t/o business (a uk subsid for a huge international business)

3) A consultancy job for a big non accountancy US business thats starting to make in-roads into the UK

As ever, all comments, suggestions and advice greatfully received.

Albert Camus


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19th Apr 2011 22:27

Well done!

Well done Albert for getting the offers in these difficult times. It is difficult to say which one would be the best since it depends on what type of work you like.

I would opt for FC role since it would give me a sound overview of the business. I have been in a FC role before then moving to Senior Management team as an FD.

Good luck. I am pleased things have taken a positive turn for you.

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19th Apr 2011 22:49

You could toss a coin, or ......................
Audit manager would get you back into public practice - but do you really want to be doing that and constantly find yourself explaining why you're not a member of the institute?FC can be an interesting and more varied roll, but to really do the job properly you need to actually have a belief in the product or service provided by the company. Inter-personal skills would also be vital as you would I suspect,  find yourself working with all levels of management.Consultancy for a US firm could be exciting, and ultimately very lucrative, but, you could also find the rug pulled from under you as US firms tend not to have much loyalty towards employees.

It's a hell of a choice, but my recommendation is to weigh up the facts and figures (is there much variation in salries for instance), then go with your instincts. Pick the role you would be happiest in - and don't pick one thats going to leave you stressed and burnt out after a ouple of years.


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By Flash Gordon
20th Apr 2011 08:03

Agree with FT

I'm with FirstTab on this - firstly with the congrats and good to see you back, and secondly with the FC position. But like CD says its what feels comfortable to you and maybe the salaries will make a difference. The FC position might be a broader role while the Audit Manager sounds (though not been there so...) a more confined position. Difficult to tell with the third one but maybe it might lead you in a different direction? I always stick the pros and cons down on paper - if I find I'm coming up with reasons why cons aren't really cons or why pros aren't that significant it tends to mean I know deep down which my preference is!

Best of luck!!!

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By Guest1
20th Apr 2011 08:10

Good to hear from you again Albert

I don't feel at all qualified to steer you in any particular direction.

What I will say though is, from the offers that you've had, you must have regained a good modicum of self-confidence, which is more than a step in the right direction.

I'm sure that, those of us on here, who've followed your sorry situation, would be more than chuffed to hear that you've found "well-paid" full time work. I've no doubt it will be a long road Albert, but we all know, it will be well worth it.

Good luck,

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20th Apr 2011 08:47

Take stability ..

 go for number 2. Sounds perfectly manageable size wise and just immerse yourself in the day to day and forget about the past struggles for a while.


Good luck which ever!

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20th Apr 2011 09:02

I'd go with #2 myself

Hi Albert, good to see you back.

In my opinion that would provide the best income:stress ratio. The other jobs have chargeable time elements I would expect and that can be an added stress.

The FC job may well have some good career potential but a good salary will help you get back on your feet.

Of course, I also congratulate you very heartily on getting the 5 offers you received. Onwards and upwards my friend, onwards and upwards.


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20th Apr 2011 09:15

Which job

Congratulations. You could get a 4th job lecturing in CV/inteview managemen

 I would take job 2 as it offers a relatively stress free entre into the company with the ability to expand into a different role within the group. Having worked in large multinational groups I find that if you're good they will be anxious to keep you and expand your relevance to them 

Whichever you choose keep in touch

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20th Apr 2011 09:17

I would pick 2

Great news on the job front.

I would pick 2, on the basis I have done that job and largely enjoyed it and hated Audit.

Also no-one is going to give a toss about your membership of the ICAEW or otherwise. You will be default be the on site accounting guru, and it wont matter a jot if due to your illness you are not all that upto date on the latest reporting issues.   I imagine your only pain will be reporting to head office which is always a pain in those sorts of organsiations (one i worked for did a full European conslidation monthly, and worldwide every quarter. It was insane and chewed up several days a month, and a full week every quarter).   FC's go from active members of the business  to sit in the corner and stare at spreadsheet types so you should be able to run it how you want to.


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20th Apr 2011 10:13

Well Done !

Im really pleased something good has turned up.


I think option 2 probably is the way forward.


Option 1 might help if you still wanted to rebuild bridges with the Institute though, assuming said firm would put in a good word when time for reapplication came.

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20th Apr 2011 13:42

Well done Albert

I, like most others, would go for 2 for most of the reasons stated.

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23rd Apr 2011 14:13

Thank you to all those who have taken the time to answer.

My own thoughts were inclinded towards the FC role and you guys have confirmed what I belived.

Here's to a new start.


Albert Camus

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By Flash Gordon
23rd Apr 2011 17:31

Excuse for a drink....

Best of luck to you & I'll have an extra glass of fizzy stuff to drink to your success tomorrow with my bbq! Let us know in due course how successful you've become........

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By Monsoon
24th Apr 2011 22:34

Very happy!
I'm delighted for you Albert! Best of luck with it all, I really hope it works out for you :)

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