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Not a question...

Not a question...

Very low this week. The background noise of my life has become incredibly loud all of a sudden and the regulator who can not be named but who destroyed me for calling a complaint "froth" (which means "matter without substance" not "scum" as many people seem to think) whilst as manic as a bag of angry cats is really messing me about at the moment.

I was invited mid last year by this wonderful body to reapply to them, regain my licence and so increase my earnings 3-6 fold. Since then they have t a k e n   t h e   s l o w e s t    r o u t e      possible to doing this and keep trying to find every and any reason not to.

For 5 years now, this body has undertaken an investigation in any aspect of my life it feels like and criticise any action I have taken at any time because it can. It is especially hung up on my illness - and yet it seems incapable of understanding that much of the extremes of my illness have been CAUSED BY THEM!

The stress and pressure they put on me because I wrote a poorly drafted letter was so extreme in 2008 that I cracked completely.

What is more, in taking away my right to work they also presented a ripe opportunity to my former business partners to take from me the business I had built up without making any payment to me. ("Here sign this, and we'll look after you...")

This in turn left me several hundred thousand pounds in debt - the business had borrowing that I had guaranteed, but I now had no income to support them.

NOW it appears that the fine body who applied the single largest individual penalty to me (at the time) for writing my letter, now want to punish me for being in debt, for my company going bust and for my inability to deal with any of this whilst I was clinically nuts (as certified by three different mental health professionals and one GP). Is it me, or can anyone else see the circular logic to this...

Anyway, the point is, every so often, the regulator gives me some hope that there may be an end to the nightmare of the last 5 years... and then, they snatch it away completely and I sink back into despair. Why won't they just be straight forward with me and tell me that there is no chance that they will ever let me get my life back, they will never let me rejoin and they don't want a loon to be a member of their club.

As ever, support / suggestions / direction greatly appreciated.



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17th Mar 2011 12:49


l fail to understand why you are so determined to attempt to rejoin an organisation that you feel has treated you so badly. Do you not think things will be worse if you do get in? You will no doubt be on some sort of naughty list and subject to even closer scrutiny.

I really suggest you devote your attention to trying to move on with your life as a "lapsed" member. This is not exactly uncommon these days - many members are fed up with high subscriptions and low support.

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By bduncan
17th Mar 2011 14:20

I agree restart a practice as an none Chartered one.

Start a practice, do some subbying just because they have taken your membership away from you does not mean they have taken your ability to do accounts.

Settle for an income of say £50K or any other figure and go about getting it. Don't build an empire again just a nice comftable living for yourself.

Go after your ex clients that have been stolen from you if you want and get the extra satisfaction from that if that is what you want.

Why not become a marketing consultant at least you have done it unlike some of the gurus who post on here.

I have followed your story and wish you all the luck in the future.

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17th Mar 2011 14:21


They cant take the fact that you passed their exams and qualified away from you.  Just work as a lapsed member, half the people in practice are QBE's. Ok you couldnt do audits etc, but so what?  Working as a QBE has got to be better than stacking shelves.

As for the professional body - treat them with the contempt they so obviously deserve.


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17th Mar 2011 14:39


I, too, have followed your story and agree that you should start up again and approach your old clients and go for a steady living. Do you need any help?

-- Iceni

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17th Mar 2011 15:00

Unanimous (so far)

I have followed your earlier threads.

Step back for a moment. The stumbling block to you being unable to earn a living as an accountant is not your failure to be reinstated as a member of ICAEW. I really wanted to put that in capitals for emphasis.

I am tempted to think that your inability to recognise this may be a symptom of your illness. As others have rightly said you can earn a good living as an accountant without the support of ICAEW.

Perhaps your self-esteem is defined by your membership of this organisation and that is why you can't let it go, coupled with your outrage and sense of injustice?

It is this link between income and ICAEW which you must break before you can move on.  Dare I say, the link is in your head and most accountants are not members of this organisation.

Very best of luck. Interested in your progress so keep us informed. I should also be interested in why you don't think the advice you have been given (in this thread) is correct, if indeed you don't.

-- Kind regards Andy

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By GeeBee
17th Mar 2011 15:18


I sympathise with your situation, but I can't see how re-joining a professional body which you loathe will make you feel any better.  In fact, as you will be paying annual fees again, you may resent them even more.

You can burn yourself up by hating them, but you're the one not sleeping at night, whilst they probably don't know and don't care.   

 It' easy to say and difficult to do, but why not give up on them and move on?

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By Monsoon
17th Mar 2011 15:42


I too have followed your story and, while I also understand your rightful anger and frustration at ICAEW, also agree with the other respondents who think it's probably best  to just walk away. I'm all for complaining where complaining is due and not taking no for an answer when someone is clearly in the wrong, but maybe - for your health - you should let this one go now, or at least spend much less of your energy on it.

I seem to recall from a previous thread that one of the main reasons you wanted membership back was as you wanted employment as opposed to self employment, and thus your earning potential would be higher with a 'C' after your name. Isn't self employment a better option than employment? I've had serious mental health problems, I've worked with someone with serious mental health problems, and I am sure that working for yourself is a much more flexible and healthy option. I certainly wouldn't (couldn't) get a job.

If you're working for yourself you don't need a 'C' after your name. 95% of clients don't even ask what qualification you have. I'm with the other people who think you need to realise that having those particular letters after your name isn't the be all and end all, and I would hazard a guess that if you decide to leave it, and just go on your own without the letters, once you've made that decision you will start feeling a lot better.

Best of luck, while I'd love to see an Albert Camus "I won!" thread, I'd also like to see a "I decided to ignore them, and I'm doing well now" thread.

Best wishes



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17th Mar 2011 19:25

Thank you all for your comments and encouragement. In answer to many of your questions, I need money now to keep my home which is why I was trying for employment rather than building a business up. I suppose also I am scared of starting a business up. Employment somehow seemed so much more "safe."

From the correspondence that has gone back and forth today between the ICAEW and me, it is quite clear that I will never be readmitted, but they are not going to say that in so many words in case it gives me a claim against them.

I have truely experianced one of the great travesties of justice that despite my best efforts in 2009 / 10 only a few kind souls on the site seem to even acknowledge, let alone care about.

Well, its all over, so goodbuy accountingweb, thank you for the memories.

Albert Camus

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18th Mar 2011 09:27

Not good-bye I hope


Do not take silence to mean any lack of sympathy for your situation. Maybe it is more a case of not really knowing what to say that might help you.

This is an excellent forum and you have found some very genuine support here from the posts I have read over the time. Some may not express that in the most overtly sympathetic way but I would hope that you'd still appear here for help in expanding your business (if that is the route you choose to take).

I wish you all the very best for the future and hope that you are able to go forward and keep hold of the house etc. I do know just how worrying it is when you are facing an inability to pay the mortgage. I have been there.

Very best wishes and please keep us posted on your improving situation.


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By Guest1
18th Mar 2011 09:59

Yes, I would second the last comment and more.......

My first grand-daughter (she's 3 weeks old and can already twist me round her little finger) came to see us last night and, apart from the constant attention and photographs being taken, I've learnt a very important lesson, over her very short life, that life is so precious and, at the same time, very fragile.

Very often we live in the fast lane and, regretfully, count our success in the form of our wealth and earnings rather than (in my view), more importantly, our value to each other.

Quite obviously you've "danced" with the scum of the earth, through no fault of your own but, you know Albert, there's still time for you to learn to "dance" once again and, "dance" proudly.

As Kipling said "and, which is more, you'll be a Man, my Son!"

I truly do wish you the best of good fortune and, sincerely hope you'll come back here, when you've conquered all your demons.

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By Flash Gordon
18th Mar 2011 10:58

Agree with PB & Chann (and probably others)

Don't say goodbye. You've been shafted in a big way but if you give up on everything they win. If you stick 2 fingers up at them and make a success of things again from here on then you're the winner. They'll get what they deserve in time. I'm sure there are a lot of A-Webbers who've read your post and sympathised but haven't posted because they don't know what to say. I bet even Bob & CD would be able to agree on this issue :-)

You've got the qualifications and experience. So you can't use the letters. There are plenty of other letters out there you could use and there's nothing to stop you telling all and sundry that you qualified but that you've chosen not to continue your membership subs because you don't feel they're value for money any more.

Hold your head up high and don't let the buggers get you down!!!

(And come back and tell us what a superstar you are in due course!)

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20th Mar 2011 10:42


"Living well is the best revenge"

George Herbert 1593-1633

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