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Not for Profit Options

Not for Profit Options

Dear All,

I am looking for a link that could take me to the various Not For Profit entity options avialable in the UK, (such as charity, company limited by guarantee, not sure if there are others).

I would appreciate any useful links anyone may know.

many thanks


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31st Aug 2011 12:44

Charity Commission

Try the Charity Commission website, they have a section called "start up a charity" that should give you a good starting place.

Also search on Charitable Incorporated Organisations - the new legal form for charities which is still with parliament.

Not sure about social clubs etc but I'm sure somebody else can help.


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By johnt27
31st Aug 2011 13:00

Try this

The advice in the first link comes straight from the government. It relates to the legal structures of sports clubs, but the advice is generic and applies to all not-for-profit organisations.

The only thing it doesn't mention in detail is a CIC. See the second link! 

Hope this helps.

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31st Aug 2011 23:41

This should be of use

Try this site:

Also the tax consequences are well covered by HMRC on:


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By fndeloh
01st Sep 2011 15:47

Many thanks all. Very helpful links.

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