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Not possible to furlough Director?

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Just putting it out there for thoughts/comment

As a 'one man band' ltd company with a single director,  is it possible for that director to put themselves on furlough which means that they can do no work for the company or fulfill the duties of a Director.

If they are on furlough who is in place to recall them to work as they are not able to do so as not allowed to do any work while on furlough

How would you square the circle

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By Duggimon
30th Mar 2020 15:05

Yes, so long as there's no revenue generating work being done they can fulfil their directorial duties and still be on furlough.

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Replying to Duggimon:
By JimLittle
30th Mar 2020 15:40

I would have thought many directors would claim they are not generating revenue (even when they are) and furlough themselves - who will know and care.

What happens with a director of a limited company with one one rental property under limited company and the tenants are not paying rent due to the virus. In this case the director can furlough himself ?

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30th Mar 2020 15:29
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