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Voluntary disclosure FRS105 - subsidiary company

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I have a client whom during the financial year has become the parent company of a very small group.

The parent company is eligible to use FRS105 as in previous years and as the group is 'small' and does not need to prepare consolidated accounts, can continue to do so.

Looking at the FRS105 regulations there seems to be no requirement to add a note to disclose the subsidiary and I am wondering whether to add a voluntary note?

Likewise, even under FRS102 there is no requirement to disclose transactions with a wholly owned subsidiary, but I am in two minds whether to also add a voluntary note for these and would be grateful for any thoughts on this.

Thank you for reading and in anticipation of any guidance.


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By Truthsayer
27th Sep 2021 09:50

Why? Who do you imagine this will serve? You're just complicating things to no purpose. I never add anything to small company accounts that does not have to be there. Nearly always, only the directors/shareholders will ever look at the accounts (and even then not much), and just possibly HMRC.

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Replying to Truthsayer:
By EllaB
27th Sep 2021 09:56

Thank you! I previously worked for a larger firm who would disclose to death...

Trying hard to find 'my' own way....

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Replying to Truthsayer:
By Paul Crowley
27th Sep 2021 10:37

The whole point of Micro accounts was simple uncluttered accounts

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