Notifying HMRC of stopping Self Employment

Anyone else experiencing this problem with the online form?

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In the past 6 months we have tried a number of times to use the online form to notify HMRC of our clients stopping self employment, but every time we get the same error message:

We have received your application to cease self-employment for your client. We are unable to process your application because the address provided does not match our records.

We know for a fact that the clients’ address records are up to date and do match the information we submit, but the form is just constantly rejected.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue, and does anyone have any suggestions for a workaround?

Given that the wait time on the agent helpline is now in excess of 60 minutes, it’s ridiculous to try to use that method, so we have resorted to sending letters now, in the hope that this will get actioned.

Any feedback from others would be helpful.

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By JB101
18th Apr 2024 15:13

I had the same problem last week.
It doesn't make any difference to my client as he lives overseas but has a UK rental income so needs tax returns.
Despite phoning HMRC about 10 years ago when he left the UK/self-employment and getting a letter thanking me for advising them of the change, every year my Agents Services Account shows class 2 NI due. I wanted to tidy things up but now can't be bothered so will leave it as is!

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Replying to JB101:
By FrogHappy
18th Apr 2024 15:29

Yes, same reason I like to tell them too, otherwsie the Class 2 record never gets updated.
In the past I've always resolved this with a 5 minute phone call to the agent line, and/or the Class 2 office as necessary, but the simplicity and efficiency of those days look unlikely ever to come back!

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