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Number of businesses in my postal codes

Number of businesses in my postal codes

I am ploughing through  with my marketing plan. I am stuck on the question of the size of market I am targeting.

I would like to find out how many businesses they are in my postal code and postal codes nearby. Any idea how I can do this?



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By newmoon
16th Mar 2012 14:30

Go here

If you go to here you will be able to buy a list.

However you can build a list first, put in the parameters you want (postcode, occupation etc), and view what the numbers are.

You may have to register first, I'm not sure, but Riskdisk are reputable anyway (and b2blistbuilder is part of Riskdisk).

There will no doubt be other lists that can be used to do this, and I have seen other software recently that works superbly (PM me if you want additional information). But the above link will do what you want.

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16th Mar 2012 14:47

Ltd Companies

CH do a CD for about £30 which you can search by postcode.

Only covers Ltd companies I know, but usefull nonetheless.

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By paul.k2
16th Mar 2012 15:10

Speak to DETI

I needed some information on the size and types of companies in Northern Ireland.

I contacted DETI NI Statistics Branch who provided me with a break down by Council area. I believe it is limited to VAT or PAYE registered companies.

The document also includes information for England, Scotland and Wales. It is a 2 MB Excel spreadsheet.

It doesn't list companies by name, but if I have understood you correctly you are just after some general information. It does not use postcodes.

e.g. In England in 2010 there were  1,488,895 businesses employing 0 - 4 people of which
45, 800 were in the North East, 1,605 were in Darlington. 150 businesses in Darlington were classified as Agriculture, Forestry or Fishing.

I am sure you could obtain the current version from the GB equivalent to DETI. There is also an on-line EU database enquiry service that holds most of these stats.

I hope that helps.




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