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The last three questions - before mine - were times at yesterday 16.22, 18.26 and 19.57.

It doesn't seem very prolific. Does anybody know the reason for this?

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By cheekychappy
24th May 2016 07:29

The reason is that people haven't posted questions in between the questions you mention.

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By tom123
24th May 2016 08:51

Everyone is still hungover on Mondays?

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Replying to tom123:
Hallerud at Easter
24th May 2016 10:34

tom123 wrote:

Everyone is still hungover on Mondays?

Especially in Edinburgh, some of the Leith pubs are reported to have run out of beer on Sunday and yesterday was also an Edinburgh holiday.

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By Luke
24th May 2016 10:40

Because this website is no longer as user friendly so is getting less traffic? I know I haven't been here as often recently.

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By FirstTab
24th May 2016 13:40

Give it time, we will all obey orders. That is the power of mighty and selective listening Sift.

Tax Returns season and the site will be back to normal? I think it will be since there is no other real alternative. Sift, I am sure, is well aware of this.

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