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O2 net work is rubbish

O2 net work is rubbish

I was a happy customer with Vodafone for over ten years. I then have changed to O2 and it is one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made. The service signalling is terrible. I am unable to speak to anyone while at home as I am breaking. O2 has now made to national headline. I am half way through to my annual contract, but not intention of  waiting for another 6 months. I know it is going to be a long battle.

Do you think I have the case to cancel my contract as O2 is in breach?


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By eve2206
12th Jul 2012 20:24

doubt it

O2 are hard nuts to crack!

Have you seen their latest plan:

for £20 a month you can get

unlimited smoke signals

250 pigeons a month

free messages in a bottle to other O2 customers

(sorry! very annoying, but someone on Facebook saw the funny side of it).




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12th Jul 2012 22:33

this will work

Tell them you were the guy that trashed the t-mobile cellphone store in Manchester.

If they don't cancel the contract, you might have to do the same to their store.


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By slarti
13th Jul 2012 17:00

It depends on where you are.

"The service signalling is terrible. I am unable to speak to anyone while at home as I am breaking."

Well that is better than Vodafone, where I live as here people on Vodafone might just as well turn their phones off as they get no signal at all.

Which is odd as we can see their transmitter less than 2 miles away.


Agree that the recent system outage was a PITA, but after over 20 years with them, under one name or another, I still find that they are as good as any of the others, overall.


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13th Jul 2012 17:30

Starti! I live in London.The signalling problem is not only in my area but any where in London. While moving around from one area to another, I can see the singalling on my handset gets weaker. Even T-mobile since merging with Orange has a good signalling.

Next time, before I sign any contract, i will try All networks as Pay as you go and see which is better.

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By slarti
to Wanderer
13th Jul 2012 18:45

Other than in a few buildings

I have always found it to be as good as other peoples and I go to customers from Canary Wharf, through the City to the west end.

Did you change your phone when you changed networks?

Some phones certainly do not seem as good as others.


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13th Jul 2012 20:39

Check your phone

One of my clients got an Iphone and could not a signalon vodaphone.  Previously he had a Nokia  which always had a great signal.


I am not knocking the iphone just suggesting you try different phones and different networks.

I was with o2 for 6 years and in January I changed to Orange-Tmobile.  I wishes I had not bothered and I even told them this in a fax.  My daughter uses Tesco mobile (it uses 02) perhaps I should give them a go- prices are much more competitive.

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By Old Greying Accountant
13th Jul 2012 21:17

Je t'adore ...

... l'eau deux

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