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Observation - Student Loan repayments

Observation - Student Loan repayments

In spite of all the rhetoric being spouted about how little of student loans may actually be repayable someone on TV this week made the interesting point that the repayment terms do not form part of the signed contract.

I wonder how long it will be before current students start to die and some greedy government decides to grab back any shortfall in repayments from the deceaseds' estates?  Not that I am a cynic or anything! 


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27th Oct 2011 11:12

Deceased Estates

If the students kick the bucket after a lifetime of earning below the level they would be required to make Student Loan Repayments I can't imagine they are going to be leaving much of an estate.

I would have thought it would be more likely to tinker with the levels at which repayments are required.  

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