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oes an old tax return still required filing?

oes an old tax return still required filing?

Client was issued with a notification to file a 2007/08 tax return but he didn't and HMRC have not issued a Determination assessment (i believe they are out of time)

A very silly question but does he still have to file or has he avoid it?

Many thanks


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By K81
03rd May 2012 16:00

technically he should still file the return.

The Recovery department will chase for the completed return.

However, as this return is now out of date, if he does file the return it will not be processed & you will get a letter advising you that the return is out of date.

If late filing penalties have been issued & the return shows that they shouldn't have been you could possible get them reduced to nil by filing the return together with a covering letter requesting this.



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03rd May 2012 16:09

They are chasing later returns (2009 onwards)

They are chasing later returns but not this, hence why I mention it.

For 2007/08 he would have a very large tax liability but wondered if he did nothing this would not be payable. HMRC have stated they are out of time for a Determination assessment so what else could they/can they do? 


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By cmiskin
03rd May 2012 20:35

Still at risk

of daily filing penalties I think (old style) and possibly a discovery assessment.

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