Off Site Backup

Off Site Backup

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I am looking to get away from tape backups and have heard about online backups. Can any body recommend a supplier?
Dennis Moore

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By AnonymousUser
18th Jul 2007 11:22

The initial backup will take a long time, but I believe this is standard for most online backups.
OK, may not have all the bells and whistles of some more expensive rivals, but it does what it says on the tin.
Highly recommended and excellent value for money.

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By AnonymousUser
12th Jul 2007 12:12

Try - the server product is very good and the backups are very reliabe.

Also good support for setting up etc - they will even do it remotely.

Be prepared for a massive backup initially, but then it is just incremental ones.

Hope that helps


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By shaunmcguinness
12th Jul 2007 12:26

online backup
there are a number of free solutions out there now. I have been using kanosis for a while but have just changed the way we work completely and now use an online solution called Internet Power Systems.

The system is all worked online and backups are made automatically. Foldres are created and linked to a CMS system. Email are all linked to the relevant entry in the address book automatically and you can even use the accounts and billing system too.

The people who run this are really helpful and instead pf spending thousands of pounds on new servers and pc's we now operate using just laptops. It takes a bit of discipline initially but once you get rolling it works really well.

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By Stewart Twynham
12th Jul 2007 13:07

I usually recommend Techgate plc ( who are based at an IBM disaster recovery centre in London. They used to be part of Energis, so they have massive bandwidth to their data centre.

Of the features I particularly like (other providers do have similar things, by the way, but do look out for these):

- They offer "proper" server backup solutions through agents which facilitate bare-metal recovery for servers, MS exchange, Oracle, SQL Server, etc. Some solutions are more desktop solutions, so recovery of a server will be pretty hit and miss.

- There is a management console which lets you check all machines that you back up anywhere on the net - last successful backup, number of files, disk usage, etc.

- Web based access means you can download anything critical from a browser WITHOUT installing the backup software (handy if your server goes belly up and you need to restore an urgent file quickly, whilst waiting for the repair).

- They charge for backup licences separately to disk space - so you're not buying 10 desktops @ 4GB each, you can buy 10 desktops + 40GB - and allocate the space accordingly.

In the last 2 years, my clients have had no end of trouble with tape backups - yet the Techgate software has never let them down.

Bawden Quinn Associates Ltd

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By AnonymousUser
12th Jul 2007 13:08


What are the costs associated with this? Have you found it easy to use?

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By shaunmcguinness
12th Jul 2007 15:44

cost of IPS
the costs vary according to what you want. you may want to contact
[email protected] who I found to be very helpful in choosing what system I wanted.
I spend 3 weeks a month living in France and working from there and the other week in the uk travelling around to meet clients so it is perfect for me.

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By Budapesti5
12th Jul 2007 16:07

More Information
If you would like further information on the i-Tr@der system including the backups then please feel free to contact myself directly (we are the authors of the product), or if you would like me to contact you then please let me know.

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By deanshepherd
16th Jul 2007 08:18

I use..

Easy install, quality service, good price.

I used to use Back2Go who also offered excellent service, I just found the ZuuBackup interface more intuitive.

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By AnonymousUser
18th Jul 2007 11:33

Further details re Carbonite

25 October 2006 - Echoing the theme in the last 24 hours of online backup service announcements, US storage company Carbonite has announced that its unlimited storage plan is now available in the UK.

Although unlike BT Digital Vault and Diino, it's not offering a “free storage” option, its backup storage is considerably cheaper than either of those, and it offers unlimited storage capacity. One year subscription costs $50, or $4.16 a month (£2.21), or for 2 years, pay $90, which works out to $3.75 (£1.99) a month.

Carbonite says that over half its users in the US backup more than 20GB of data on its service. The data is double-encrypted for security, and can only be access by the user's own computer. This is unlike the Diino and BT Digital Vault services that offer access from any web portal, which could be an advantage worth the extra cost of the service for some.

Although Carbonite offers unlimited storage, it warns that “the speed of today's DSL and cable Internet services will make it very slow to back up more than, say, 40 to 50GB of data”, and the company reserves the right to deny service to “abusers”.

For a 15-day free trial, visit the website, with the link after the jump. Carbonite's UK website will be up and running at the end of the year, but the service can be purchased through its US site.

>> Carbonite - Sign up on the website

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