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Office 365 security?

Anyone set Multi Factor Auth on Office 365?

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We use Office 365 and understand that it makes sense to engage Mutli Factor Authentication (MFA)

The IT chappie that helps me do things like this (can't fathom it on my own!) has pointed out that in getting Office 365 more secure it needs to block something called Legacy protocols.

This is all above my head but I understand enough to know that these protocols are needed for some software like Accountancy Manager and Moneysoft to allow emails to be sent to clients from within the accountancy software

Has anyone been able to set up MFA on Office 365 and still use accountancy software emailing functions?

Many thanks in advance



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By 1796971
21st Aug 2020 09:44

We did this a few months ago.

And yes - Moneysoft did stop working re. sending out emails from within the software.

But pretty easy to sort out from within Office 365 settings. It creates a random password which u put into Moneysoft and then good to go. Dont have to keep entering it. Its a one off.

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By DavidWatson
21st Aug 2020 11:48

Hi Nick

Moneysoft uses SMTP settings to send email so just standard o365 credentials would normally suffice . If you want to use MFA, which you definitely should you will need to use an App password which you can setup in the security settings in Outlook online. Then it will work fine.



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