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Residential or not? Treatment of mortgage interest

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Hello and happy new year, all

I'm wondering if an apportioned mortgage interest on an office in a posh shed can be treated as expenses as the transaction is clearly a commecial let, or am I taking the peace?

Office is a brick building in the back garden. Mortgage loan used to construct it was part of the loan taken out when the whole property (ie including the main residential house) was purchased. Appportionment is based on sqm.

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By Tax Dragon
02nd Jan 2022 22:15

I have a mortgage. I never saw any of the proceeds - all went to the solicitor who used them to pay the seller. Are you saying the lender in your client's case paid some of the mortgage money to your client?

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Replying to Tax Dragon:
By JessicaRain
02nd Jan 2022 22:21

Thank you :) What was I thinking?! I blame working all day and so late.

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