oi oi all change at companies house warning

oi oi all change at companies house warning

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looks like they are morphing over to systems aka hmrc - ie 2 factor authentication and authorising peeps to file on your behalf facility and adding multiple companies in one account and providing two differnt routes to filing confirmation statements - change is never good sigh.





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By sonoftwosheds
12th Sep 2022 17:00

feels like change for change's sake, old system worked perfectly well

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By Paul Crowley
12th Sep 2022 18:18

If it ain't broke HMRC and HM Gov looks to frack it up
If it is broke, HMRC and HM Gov pretend not to notice and ignore the wailing of the masses

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By Crouchy
12th Sep 2022 17:12

another system thats been taken from a position of works well, to being a total ball ache to use

who commissions this crap and with seemingly no input from the people that actually use it?

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
12th Sep 2022 17:15

Thanks for the heads up.

Does that mean we cant file accounts with just the authentication code?

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By rmillaree
12th Sep 2022 18:05

being honest i am a little scared to do owt - i dont think it necessarily means there will be any issues - we have filed acounts today albeit we use vt - we did notice that approval was much slower than normal though.

The main issue will be if peeps are trying to login to companies house main gateway acount that is used to file confirmation statements etc - that now has 2fa - with the options code to email address or nominated phone number. I dont think you can avoid that 2fa now - that may cause issues for some secondary peps loggging in who dont have access to either or.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
13th Sep 2022 18:07

As an update on this I have just changed a client record.

So in short (1) when you log in, instead of being instant you have to hang about for either an email or text, and then you get to a new set of screens.

(2) you can still file for a client, but its more of a faff, so instead of just keying the company number and authentication code, you have more screens to click through.

So it would appear to be no more secure than the previous system, and lots more faff.

Main rub would appear to be if you have multiple staff..........you would need a group accessible mobile number or email address to receive the 2FA code. There seems to be no facility to add multiple users......

This is going to go well then....sounds like they might not have thought this one through very well.

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By petersaxton
11th Oct 2022 08:10

What do you expect when idiots are involved?
Bring back grammar schools and proper universities and a proper education.

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By moboffsol
09th Oct 2022 13:43

I've just tried to log on to CH to incorporate a Company and it seems they've completely changed the process!
A new gateway has to be set up for each new Company where we used to be able to do it as an agent.
Anyone else come across this and any suggestions please?

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