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OMB & Statutory Maternity Pay

Wife works for Owner Managed Business is there any restriction on Claiming SMP

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Single Director owner managed business.

The directors wife works on the admin side of the business and is paid a realistic wage for the work done which is above the limit to qualify for SMP.

Based on the website she is eligible for SMP.

Any pitfalls in claiming SMP for the spouses of single owner managed businesses.  

THe SMP reclaim of 103% from HMRC will create a £5k credit and the monthly paye/nic payment is only modest therefore can HMRC be asked for an in year repayment or is this restricted to businesses who do not have the funds to pay SMP.



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By SteveHa
30th Jun 2017 13:23

I've done it before for clients without issue, and there's no legal impediment to SMP for the spouse in an OMB. I say go for it.

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By bumpdinkwhallop
30th Jun 2017 22:36

Fill the online form in for advanced SMP funding, zap it away and the funds for the full year to 5 April will be in the clients bank account within 6 working days!

Remember and claim the husbands paternity pay if he is off for the two weeks too

There is no issue with being associated to the business owner, she qualifies so is entitled to SMP providing she meets all the qualifying criteria.

I have done it numerous times in the same circumstances

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